Simple Cross-Model Comments

Originally written by adamski on 2008-10-23.

This recipe answers Comments in Hobo

This recipe answers polymorphic associations such as a comment model

After posting the question, and recently getting into polmorphic stuff with Rails and Hobo, I realised how easy it is to set up cross-model comments.

(this assumes you want to associate a comment with a user)

./script/generate hobo_model comment body:text commentable_id:integer commentable_type:string user_id:integer
./script/generate hobo_model_controller comment
./script/generate hobo_migration 

then in any model you want to be commentable:

has_many :comments, :as => :commentable, :dependent => :destroy

in my application.dryml I added a card for Comments:

<def tag="card" for="Comment">
<div class="card linkable comment">	      
	    <h5><view with="&User.find(this.user_id)"/> wrote:</h5> 
		<if test="&this.user_id ==">
			<div class="delete">			
				 <%= link_to 'delete', { :controller => 'links', :action => 'destroy',
                                   :id => }, 
                                   :confirm => "Are you sure you want to delete this comment?",
                                   :method => :delete %>				

and a tag for adding a new comment to an object:

<def tag="add-comment" attrs="object">
	<if test="&object">
		<form with="&">
		  Add a new comment<br/>
		  <textarea class="body-tag comment-body"  id="comment[body]"  name="comment[body]" >
		  <input  id="comment[commentable_type]" name="comment[commentable_type]" type="hidden" value="&" />	  	
		  <input  id="comment[commentable_id]" name="comment[commentable_id]" type="hidden" value="&" />	  	
		  <input  id="comment[user_id]" name="comment[user_id]" type="hidden" value="&" />	  	
		  <submit label="New Comment"/>
		<p>Error (add-comment): Object not given - use add-comment object="&blah"</p>

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