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Originally written by allen13 on 2010-07-19.

About a year ago I started working with hobo and really liked what I saw. I could do some amazing things really fast. The only piece that felt like it was missing something was the table-plus tag. So I started working on an alternative and decided to start from the well known jqGrid widget. I went on to install every rails jqGrid plugin in existance and found that none of them were quite what I wanted.

The main features of my incarnation of the jqGrid plugin are: - Uses a rails model directly instead of the limiting auto-detect method - Uses a randomly generated id name so you can put as many grids of the same or different types as you want on the same page - Direct editing of the jqGrid properties through hash properties e.g. :title => “Title” - Easy to edit default jqGrid properties (plan to take it a step further and implement them as yaml later) - Uses the # symbol as the first character to identify a function property (I implemented the ondblclickrow property this way) - Double clicking on rows and anything else that is possible with the jqGrid widget…

rails-jqgrid @ Github

This is a rails plugin dedicated to the great jqGrid javascript widget. I had two rails concepts in mind when I created it, “DRY it up” and “Convention over configuration”. I managed to get jqGrid to work with two lines of code ( one if you don’t count the styling). A standard set of grid options has already been defined, so all you really need to do is give it a model. Enjoy :-)

Usage Instructions:

#For the jQuery grid theme
<%= jqgrid_theme("theme-name") %>
#For the grid
<%= jqgrid(Model,[optional standard jqGrid options here])) %>


         <%= jqgrid_theme("pepper-grinder") %>
         <%= jqgrid(Log,:fields =>"exercise_type,duration_in_mins,date") %>

Copyright (c) 2010 [name of plugin creator], released under the MIT license

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