This tag is very similar <field-list-v1>. However, instead of rendering a table, it renders what Anatoli Papirovski calls “perfect form markup”

It takes the same attributes & parameters as <field-list-v1>, with the addition of a legend parameter and a required attribute.

The accompanying css allows this fieldset to be rendered in three different ways. You may trigger these by setting a class of horizontal, vertical or inline-vertical. inline-vertical fieldset’s may also be nested inside of a horizontal fieldset.


  • fieldset
    • legend
    • #{field_method}-field
      • #{field_method}-label
      • #{field_method}-view
        • view
          • #{field_method}-tag
      • #{field_method}-help


  • fields: Comma separated list of field names to display. Defaults to the fields returned by the standard_fields helper. That is, all fields apart from IDs and timestamps.

  • force-all: All non-viewable fields will be skipped unless this attribute is given

  • skip: Comma separated list of fields to exclude

  • tag: The name of a tag to use inside the <td> to display the value. Defaults to view

  • no-edit: Controls the behavior of <input> tags when the user doesn’t have edit permission for a field.
    • view: render the current value using the <view> tag
    • disable: render the input as normal, but add HTML’s disabled attribute
    • skip: render nothing at all. This will omit the entire row (including the label)
    • ignore: render the input normally. That is, don’t even perform the edit check.
  • no-blanks: (boolean) Controls the behavior of <view> tags. The entire row (including the label) will be omitted if this is blank. Default false.

  • required: a list of methods. If the current field is included in the list, the field div has the required class added to it.


<field-list fields="first-name, last-name, city">
  <first-name-label:>Given Name</first-name-label:>
  <last-name-label:>Family Name</last-name-label:>

A more complicated example stolen from actual working code:

<extend tag="signup-form" for="User">
  <old-signup-form >
    <field-list: replace>
      <fieldset class="horizontal feckless-fields">
        <legend>New Account Registration</legend>
        <div class="field name-field">
          <label class="name-label" for="user_name">Name</label>
          <feckless-fieldset id="user_name" class="inline-vertical" fields="salutation, first_name, last_name, suffix" required="first_name, last_name" />
        <div class="field contact-field">
          <label class="contact-label" for="user_contact">Contact</label>
          <feckless-fieldset id="user_contact" class="inline-vertical" fields="email_address, phone_number" required="email_address" />
        <div class="field passwords-field">
          <label class="passwords-label" for="user_contact">Password</label>
          <feckless-fieldset id="user_passwords" class="inline-vertical" fields="password, password_confirmation" required="password, password_confirmation">

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