Repeats the body of the tag inside a <ul> list with one item for each object in the collection (this). If no body is given, renders a <card> inside the <li>.

Automatically adds ‘even’ and ‘odd’ CSS classes as well as the data-rapid-context attribute.

empty-collection-message is called from this tag. To suppress you can use the without-empty-message pseudo-attribute:

<collection without-empty-message/>

If your collection is an ActiveRecord result set (and in Hobo it most likely is), the best way to customize the empty message is via translations. Example: for product models, the key to customize would be products.collection.empty_message.

If your collection is a generic array, empty-collection-message doesn’t work. <collection> also sets the last_if flag, so you can use the <else> tag to display a message:

<collection with="&[]"/>
<else>No items.</else>


  • item
    • default
      • card
  • empty-message

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