A simple wrapper around the <select> tag and options_for_select helper

### Attributes

  • options - an array of options suitable to be passed to the Rails options_for_select helper.
  • selected - the value (from the options array) that should be initially selected. Defaults to this
  • first-option - a string to be used for an extra option in the first position. E.g. “Please choose…”
  • first-value - the value to be used with the first-option. Typically not used, meaning the option has a blank value.
  • key - the key used to lookup in the locale file or ‘default’ by default. If you pass it hobo will lookup in the namespace “tags.select_menu.#{key}” in order to find options, first_option and first_value. The passed attributes are used as a default in case the lookups fail. (see the documentation of filter-menu tag for a similar example).


  • default
    • options

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