<formlet> works like an AJAX <form> without actually being an AJAX <form>. This is useful in scenarios where forms aren’t allowed or are problematic, like inside of another form.


  • standard Hobo HTML attributes (id, part, et cetera). All supported.

  • standard Hobo AJAX attributes: (see the cookbook )

    • update: (optional). The DOM ID’s of parts to update. Note that you get an AJAX formlet whether this is provided or not.

    • message: the spinner message

    • spinner-next-to: DOM id of an element to position the ajax progress spinner next to.

    • before, success, error, complete: These callbacks are slightly different from the standard form callbacks. They are called with “this” set to the formlet. Also, you may pass in a function name rather than a javascript fragment. If the before callback returns false, it will cancel the submission.

    • confirm: a message to be displayed in a JavaScript confirm dialog. By default there is no confirm dialog

    • not supported: type, script, params, reset-form, refocus-form, result-update. None of these are particularly hard to support. Email or post a message to the list if you need them.

  • standard Hobo Form attributes (all supported):

    • hidden-fields

    • action

    • method

    • web-method

    • lifecycle

    • owner

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