A push button to invoke a lifecycle transition.

If the transition has parameters or no ajax attributes are supplied, the push-button simply moves to the transition page. This is bad form, you probably should use <transition-link> instead.

If the transition has no parameters and ajax attributes are supplied, ajax is used to perform the transaction.

If your transition has parameters and/or you don’t want to use ajax, use and parametrize the automatically generated transition form.

<transition-button transition="mogrify" ajax/>

is equivalent to

<mogrify-form without-cancel without-field-list ajax />


  • form
    • button


  • transition - the name of the transition to invoke. Required
  • label - the label on the button. Defaults to the name of the transition

All of the standard ajax attributes are also supported.


Buttons are implemented using a form. HTML does not allow forms to be nested, so a transition-button should not be placed inside of a form.

Invalid transitions

If the transition could not be found, the user does not have permissions for the transition or the object is not in the correct state for the transition, the transition-button displays nothing. You can use an <else> to display an appropriate message.

 <transition-button transition="mogrify"/><else>Cannot mogrify</else>

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