The basic page structure for all the pages in a Hobo Rapid application that uses the hobo_clean theme, or a variation on it. Provides the doctype, page title, standard stylesheet javascript includes, the ajax progress spinner, default header with app-name, account navigation, main navigation, and live search, empty section for the page content, flash message (if any) and an empty page footer.


  • head
    • title
    • stylesheets
      • app-stylesheet
    • scripts
      • application-javascript
      • custom-scripts
        • custom-javascript
  • body
    • ajax-progress
    • header
      • account-nav
      • app-name
      • live-search
      • main-nav
    • content
      • main-content
        • content-header
        • content-body
      • aside
    • footer
    • page-scripts
    • custom-javascript


  • title - the page title, will have “: [app-name]” appended
  • full-title - the full page title. Set this if you do not want the app name suffix.
  • bottom-load-javascript - if set, will load Javascript at the bottom of the page rather than in head

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