Generators – install_plugin


rails generate hobo:install_plugin NAME [GIT_PATH] [options]


-C, [--skip-css]           # doesn't add require to [subsite].css
    [--skip-namespace]     # Skip namespace (affects only isolated applications)
    [--skip-dryml]         # doesn't add include to [subsite]_site.dryml
-e, [--subsite=SUBSITE]    # Subsite name (without '_site') or 'all'
                           # Default: all
    [--old-style-hash]     # Force using old style hash (:foo => 'bar') on Ruby >= 1.9
    [--comments=COMMENTS]  # comments to add before require/include
-v, [--version=VERSION]    # Gemspec version string
-M, [--skip-gem]           # don't add plugin to Gemfile
-J, [--skip-js]            # don't add require to [subsite].js

Runtime options

-q, [--quiet]    # Suppress status output
-s, [--skip]     # Skip files that already exist
-f, [--force]    # Overwrite files that already exist
-p, [--pretend]  # Run but do not make any changes

This generator installs a hobo plugin.

The first argument is the name of the plugin, and the second is where to get it. If the second argument is not supplied, it is installed from or any other gem source listed in your Gemfile. If the second argument contains a colon (:), it is assumed to be a git URL. Otherwise it is considered to be a path.

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