Why doesn’t Hobo throw an error for an undefined parameter?

A common problem encountered by newcomers to Hobo is mixing up the parameter and invocation forms. (See previous question). Often this means that they’ll do something like this:

  <input: name="foo" value="16"/>

form doesn’t have a parameter named input, so DRYML just silently ignores it. It would be nice if it gave a nice error instead.

There are several tags that utilize the “unknown parameter” mechanism. For example, the <tabs> tag in hobo_jquery_ui uses it to create tabs.

But the real reason probably is simply “it’s not easy to do, so nobody’s done it yet”. If you’d like to take a crack at it, we’d love to accept a patch request. If we have to reimplement <tabs> and friends, so be it. <with-fields> and will have to keep working, though; there are too many widely used tags that depend on it, such as <field-list> and <table>.

Kevin Potter (kevinpfromnm) has a nice way of remembering this limitation: I think of the parameters as a hash of info passed to the parent tag method. just like ruby, invalid option names often get silently dropped. This may or not be the case behind the scenes but think it’s a nice simple way of remembering.

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