Definitive guide to multi-language website (I18n)

Originally written by txinto on 2011-09-01.

This question answered by recipe: I18n Internationalization for beginners

Hi, I am trying to build a multi-language website using Hobo. To do it, there are some Rails I18n guides, but for me has been impossible to solve the problem. I have searched a lot on Hobo documentation and found people having the same problems. Some of them: - The current language setting is missing somewhere. - The drop-down development menu for fast user switching fails (it creates a url like …?locale=en?ID=… instead of …?locale=end&ID=…

In my case, I have a mess with the Rails side, the Hobo side, the locale included in the path, the locale included in the user preferences… Most options are just mentioned or not totally covered, so I get lost in some step, asking myself if I have found a bug or I have lost myself into ignorance.

I think this is a common problem for many of us, and I am sure that a very simple tutorial will solve this for ever.

Thank you and sorry about my english. ;o)

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