Problems reseting password in hobo

Originally written by Javier on 2011-05-06.

Hi, I’m new in Hobo world, I think it’s a great tool for web development, but I need help. My problem is if I create a new app with Hobo, and use this to send password reset email it works fine, but I’m working in a existing web app and try to do the same thing for the another app but when I send the email for reset password link I get “LifecycleError in UsersController#forgot_password” error. In parameters section I read: {“page_path”=>”/forgot_password”, “authenticity_token”=>”tyXsYMr31urJOMpSvoL8VV4H7YSGuNHU7rlYMFJJKhM=”, “email_address”=>””}

Where I can star looking for a solution?


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