How do I add additional fields to the signup page?

Originally written by kevinpfromnm on 2010-08-20.

I’ve got an extended model with fields for city, address, phone, fax etc and yet they don’t show up in my form signup. In my application.dryml I’ve created:

<extend tag="signup-form" for="User">
  <old-signup-form merge>
  </old-signup-form >

It is my understanding that this should give me the old form and using

->>> <field-list: fields="city, province"/>

and the like where the arrow is should extend my form yet it gives me a blank page and the form list overrides not appends the form. Also when i try to override i often get

undefined method `confirm_password' for #<User:

and such. Depending on what the field name is. How and where do I fix all that ?

Thanks in advance.

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