I’ve got some method(s) I want to set for multiple models

Originally written by kevinpfromnm on 2010-08-04.

Hi, all.

I’m working with a data model in which every table has cre_usr and upd_usr fields, to be filled in with the name of a logged-in user whenever a row is created or updated.

I tried to create an abstract BaseModel class to supply a default before_validation_on_create, using self.abstract_class = true; however, it appears that Hobo doesn’t look at abstract_class, because I get TABLE BaseModel does not exist. This would be my preferred approach, since it seems DRY-er than anything else.

Second best would be to employ :creator => true in every hobo_model, but I don’t see any equivalent that would fire only on update. I also don’t see a way to customize the column names that receive the acting_user value.

Any ideas on how to move forward? What’s the best way to do this? SK

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