mixed parameter tags and non-parameter tags (did you forget a ‘:’?) trying to change a form field

Originally written by kevinpfromnm on 2010-08-04.

> In any case, if you just want to swap out one field's tag in a list,
> you could do this (assume the field is called special_field):

> <field-list fields="...">
>  <special-field-view:>
>    <input for-type="text" />
>  </special-field-view:>
> </field-list>

The field is called note, so those lines of code should look like this for me, right?

      <field-list fields="name, note"/>
        <input for-type="text" cols="80" rows="4"/>

In my app, I’ve created edit.dryml in the appropriate views subdirectory, and copied the generated form out of forms.dryml into it as follows:


        <error-messages />
          <field-list fields="name, note, cre_usr, upd_usr, dist_type"/>
            <input for-type="text" cols="80" rows="4"/>/>

          <div >
            <submit label="#{ht 'dists.actions.save', :default=>['Save']}" />

First of all, this clearly isn’t very DRY, but it’s what I think that the Agility tutorial tells me to do in the paragraphs where it discusses filling in the content-body: parameter.

Second, it doesn’t work.

>mixed parameter tags and non-parameter tags (did you forget a ':'?) -- at app/views/dists/edit.dryml:4
>Extracted source (around line #4):

>1:  <edit-page>
>2:     <content-body:>
>4:       <form>
>5:         <error-messages />
>6:           <field-list fields="name, note"/>
>7:           <note-tag:>

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