Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2013-02-15

I was really hoping to release Hobo 2.0.0 this week, but we did fix a couple of very minor bugs in the interim. It’s remotely possible that one of the bug fixes may impact your applications, so I’ve decided to release a Hobo 2.0.0.pre9 first. I expect 2.0.0 to follow in a couple of days.

Please test 2.0.0.pre9 against your application. It would also be helpful if you could try your application with config.hobo.dont_emit_deprecated_routes set to both true and false. This should not have any impact on your application except for differences in named routes. If there are other differences, please bring them to our attention; it indicates a probable bug.

I have also updated some of the marketing material. Please check it out and help make it better by clicking on those edit links!


  • the overlap between accept_invitation and accept_invitation_from_email was confusing object_url.
  • small change to DRYML to silence a warning about undefined attributes