Updating the gallery for our Hobo 2.0 release

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2013-01-24

I made some substantial updates to http://cookbook.hobocentral.net yesterday.

The plan is to replace the main hobocentral.net site with the cookbook site. To that end, I’ve copied the home, about, books and gallery pages from hobocentral.net into appropriate places in the cookbook, and updated them as appropriate.

The gallery page is quite old. I know there are a lot more Hobo sites out there in the wild; I’d ask everybody to send me links. Even better would be to add the sites yourself. Like almost every page on the cookbook, there’s now an edit link on the bottom of the gallery.

You may notice that if you click on any edit link, the cookbook asks for authorization to access your public GitHub profile. That’s a hack I added only to ensure that you’re logged into GitHub. Otherwise the edit links would 404 if you aren’t logged into GitHub.

Comments, feedback and assistance with the cookbook site would be greatly appreciated. This is going to be the public face of Hobo for 2.0.