New cookbook site now live

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2013-01-03

The new cookbook site is now up and running at (or click on the Documentation link above you).

Besides the look and feel, the biggest difference is that recipes and questions are now handled in a manner very similar to the rest of the documentation. the FAQ now contains all of the questions from the old cookbook and the tutorials now contain all of the recipes from the old cookbook.

If you click on an “edit this file” link or one of the links to add a new recipe or question, you may get a 404 error on Github. This does not mean that you clicked on a bad link, it just means that you are not logged into Github. Log in to Github to edit the file or to add a new recipe or question.

I have reported this issue to Github: it would be nice if their error message said “you are not logged in” in this situation. If they do not fix it on their side, I do have a plan for a hack to prevent the problem on our end.

There’s still more I’d like to do with the cookbook before 2.0. Volunteers are always appreciated. You can help make it prettier or you can grab a task from Trello. The source is available on GitHub.