Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-11-15

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Hobo 2.0.0.pre6.

There are two changes that may affect your existing code.

hobo-jquery-ui optional

As of 2.0.0.pre6, hobo-jquery-ui is now optional. I’ll explain in a subsequent blog post how you can take advantage of this, but most of you will want to continue to use hobo-jquery-ui in your applications.

The hobo themes no longer list hobo-jquery-ui as an explicit dependency, so you must ensure that your Gemfile contains gem "hobo_jquery_ui"

content vs content-body

In previous versions of Hobo, the page tag only defined the content parameter. Generated pages created the content-header, content-body and aside parameters inside of page’s content parameter.

Now content, content-header, content-body and aside are all defined by the page tag of the theme you are using.

This is unlikely to affect you unless you are using the hobo_bootstrap theme. If you are using hobo_bootstrap, please ensure that you are using at least version 2.0.0.pre6 of hobo_bootstrap.

minor changes

live-search was reorganized to make it easier for themes to adjust the look and feel. You can take advantage of this change by installing the new hobo_bootstrap_ui.

bug fixes

  • routing. This most likely exhibited as links not having a target in 2.0.0.pre5.
  • click-editor
  • name-one
  • nested input-many
  • IE8 & Safari/iOS fixes
  • documentation

For more detail, see the github code history and closed issues list.