Help Needed

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-10-03

The core code for Hobo 2.0 is done and all bugs that we are aware of are fixed. However, this does not mean that we are almost ready to release Hobo 2.0. There’s lots left to do if we want to have a successful release.

And we really need a successful release. Maintaining a critical mass of Hobo developers is crucial to its future.

If you remember, the final release of Hobo 1.3 was delayed by approximately 6 months to complete documentation and the test suite. There was probably only a couple of solid weeks of effort put into the documentation, but Domizio and I were also busy working for our own clients, answering questions on the mailing list and fixing bugs that came up in the interim, so 2 weeks of effort took 6 months.

We cannot let that happen again. There are parts of the documentation that I have to write, so I will write those. I will also fix any bugs that people discover in Hobo 2.0, and there are some plugins that need updating. But I cannot do everything on the TODO list in a timely fashion. Without help, I will be forced to make a choice: release 2.0 in an untimely fashion, release 2.0 without complete documentation and web presence or neglect my day job.

We need your help with documentation, our web presence, plugins, example programs, testing and marketing.

Our most urgent need is for help with documentation. We can release 2.0 without enhancing our web presence and marketing if necessary, but without complete documentation, 2.0 will not be “done”. Let’s coordinate our efforts creating documentation through this Trello.

There are many enhancements that can be made to our cookbook, both functional and UI wise. It would also be nice to get replace the PHP on hobocentral and turn the site into a nice integrated whole. Let’s coordinate our efforts enhancing the cookbook through this Trello.

There are a lot of documentation and cookbook tasks that do not require intimate knowledge of Hobo. In fact, participation will be a good way of learning more.

Please join the documentation Trello or the cookbook Trello, claim a card, and let’s nail this 2.0 release!

Thanks for your help.