Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-09-27

I’ve released 2.0.0.pre3. This is a minor release – the major reason for the release is to synchronize with hobo_bootstrap, which had a problem with its 2.0.0.pre2 release. It contains one fix to ajax parts in multipart forms.

In the last blog post I forgot to mention one change that occured in 2.0.0.pre2:

The generator no longer adds rails-dev-tweaks to your Gemfile, instead it adds quiet_assets. It also adds

config.watchable_dirs[File.join(config.root, 'app/view')] = ['dryml']

to your config/environments/development.rb

I recommend making those changes to any Rails 3.2 app, whether it’s running 2.0.0.pre3 or not.