Hobo 2.0.0.pre1 released

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-09-12

We’re proud to announce the release of Hobo 2.0.0.pre1.


We’ve decided to call the next release “2.0” rather than “1.4”. The major number is justified by two major breaking changes:

  • we require and heavily utilize the Rails asset pipeline
  • all of our Javascript has been rewritten to use jQuery rather than prototype.js.

A full list of minor and/or potential breakages are listed in the CHANGES document

There are also major new features:

  • much improved theming support
  • new plugin format and generators
  • new caching helper tags
  • push-state support
  • Ajax support has been added to a large number of tags
  • more flexibility in specifying Ajax parts
  • new Ajax options
  • new tags, such as hot-input

The full list of enhancements can be found in the CHANGES document

Code Freeze

The release of 2.0.0.pre1 coincides with a soft code freeze. From now on, only bug fixes should be going into Hobo 2.0.

Named routes

A major refactoring was done to Hobo’s routing support for 2.0.0.pre1. While doing the refactoring, we changed the names of named routes to match standard Rails conventions.

There is a new config option config.hobo.dont_emit_deprecated_routes. If set to false or not set at all, the old route names will be generated as well as the new names.

Newly generated Hobo apps have config.hobo.dont_emit_deprecated_routes set to true.

More information is in the CHANGES document

2.0.0.pre1 contains some code to generate URL’s using both the old and the new code and compares the result. This is slower, but will result in quicker error detection and better backtraces. The old code will be removed in 2.0.0.pre2.

Other differences between 1.4.0.pre8 and 2.0.0.pre1:

  • Rails 3.2 is now required
  • hobo_clean_sidemenu theme ported from 1.3
  • theme choice added to initial generator
  • attribute whitelist support has been added to the generators
  • renamed the jQuery-UI widget “button” to “jqbutton” to avoid aliasing the corresponding Bootstrap widget.
  • sortable-input-many, create-button ported from 1.3
  • document workarounds for ‘update-button’ and ‘remote-method-button’ as these won’t be ported from 1.3.
  • delete-button et al now properly display in-line.
  • links-for-collection display a list of views rather than a list of as.
  • before-unload option added to form tag
  • ajax rendering defaults changed to match hobo_jquery. In other words, we’re now sending fewer parameters over the wire for Ajax requests.
  • numerous bugfixes. See the git log for more details.