Hobo 1.4.0.pre8 released, master moving to Rails 3.2

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-08-01

I’ve pushed Hobo 1.4.0.pre8 to rubygems.org. There’s very little difference between 1.4.0.pre7 and 1.4.0.pre8.

  • spinner fixes
  • install_plugin generator fixed
  • minor documentation updates
  • IE7 fixes
  • some tags have more param points for customization

Contributors to this release: Paul Sherwood, Ignacio Huerta and myself.

This will be the last release supporting Rails 3.1. The master branch on github will be moving to Rails 3.2 presently. Anybody currently using the rails-3.2 branch should move to master, as we will no longer be pushing to rails-3.2.