Hobo 1.4.0.pre6 released

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-04-24

Hobo 1.4.0.pre6 has been released. Hobo 1.4.0.pre5 did not generate the Gemfile correctly: the hobo gems were not correctly versioned, and the hobo_clean_admin gem was not added. If you generated an application using Hobo 1.4.0.pre5 you can make these fixes manually rather than regenerating.

Also, to clear up one thing that I did not address in the pre5 announcement: Hobo 1.4.0.pre5 and later do not automatically load dryml files in the app/views/taglibs/application/ directory. If you relied on this behaviour, you can add

<include src="application/*"/>

to your front_site.dryml or application.dryml