Hobo 1.4.0.pre5 released

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-04-23

I’m pleased to announce that Hobo 1.4.0.pre5 has been released.

The major change in pre5 is that application.dryml is not necessarily loaded automatically any more. You will need to add an </code> to your front_site.dryml and/or admin_site.dryml. If you don't have any X_site.dryml files in app/views/taglibs, you will not need to make any changes.

New Hobo applications generated with 1.4.0.pre5 will incorporate this change.

To upgrade to pre5, change references from “pre4” to “pre5” in your Gemfile and run bundle install. If you reference hobo via :git in your gemfile, you can upgrade by running bundle update --source hobo

Other changes include bugfixes for table-plus, feckless-fieldset, input for=”EnumString”, live-search, default_scope, accordion, tabs, hobo_jquery_ui styling, select-many.

There are two new tags: accordion-list & toggle, and support was added for the hobo_tokeninput plugin.

Documentation for 1.4 is available in the cookbook.