Hobo 1.4 beta available

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-03-29

We’re proud to announce the release of Hobo 1.4 beta.

Install with gem install hobo --pre.

Major New Features

  • all prototype.js code has been removed and replaced with jQuery

  • new tags to facilitate fragment caching

  • Rails’ asset pipeline is required

  • themes may now be installed via plugins; multiple themes may be used per application

  • plugins are first class citizens; RAPID is now supplied via a plugin

  • several additional tags have gained AJAX support. This includes, but is not limited to a, filter-menu and page-nav.

  • all tags now use the standard Hobo ajax support mechanism, which used to be known as Hobo form AJAX. The editor tags in particular have changed substantially

  • part ids for AJAX updates may now be supplied implicitly or via a CSS selector

  • support for AJAX file uploads

  • support for push-state on AJAX requests

  • new tags: nested-cache, live-editor, click-editor, formlet, hot-input, feckless-fieldset, accordion, accordion-collection, autocomplete, combobox, datepicker, dialog-box, tabs and more.

Documentation & Installation Instructions

Detailed documentation of the changes & Installation Instructions are available on http://cookbook-1.4.hobocentral.net/. Not all sections of that site have been updated for Hobo 1.4. The entire taglibs section is up to date.


  • after-submit, sortable-input-many and name-many do not work
  • Hobo 1.4 breaks default_scope. If you’re setting the order, you can use Hobo’s set_default_order as a stopgap although once it’s fixed please switch back to default_scope as set_default_order is deprecated.
  • remote-method-button, create-button, update-button, transition-button: normal usages of these tags work, but they do not work if you ask them to do AJAX
  • live-search works, but it’s not ‘live’. You have to press return to start the search
  • remove-button, remote-method-button, create-button & update-button used to display inline but now display as a block. In other words, they now display one per line rather than several in a single line.
  • the rapid_summary tags have been moved out of core Hobo into their own plugin, https://github.com/Hobo/hobo_summary, which is not yet in a working state

The rest of the TODO list for completion of Hobo 1.4 is available here: