Hobo 1.3 Released!

Posted by Tom on 2011-11-15

At long last, Hobo 1.3 is released.

The big news in 1.3, as most of you will know, is Rails 3 support. There are a bunch of other improvements as well. Read the details here:


To get Hobo 1.3 just gem update hobo.

The work behind Hobo 1.3 is mostly thanks to Domizio Demichelis, and as always Bryan Larsen and Matt Jones have made some great contributions. Thanks guys, and thanks to everyone in the Hobo community for your part, even if it’s just being there on the forum for newcomers. And of course thanks to Owen Dall and Barquin International for their continued sponsorship, without which we wouldn’t have got here.

We would like to have released Hobo 1.3 much sooner, so apologies that it has taken so long. Work has already begun on Hobo 1.4 and Rails 3.1 compatibility.