Hobo 1.3 Release Candidate

Posted by Tom on 2011-05-26

After a ton of work from Domizio and the rest of the team, we are finally ready with a Hobo 1.3 (aka Hobo for Rails 3) release candidate!

You can install the release candidate with

gem install hobo -v 1.3.0.RC

In addition to Rails 3 support there are a ton of improvements to Hobo in this release. We have a new routing system where you can see all the generated routes in config/hobo_routes.rb. There is the new app-creation wizard to get you started even more easily with new projects. There are also many improvements internally, especially in the way Hobo interfaces with Rails, which will make it much easier to keep Hobo compatible with new versions of Rails.

We’ll be letting you know more about the improvements in Hobo 1.3 in some forthcoming blog posts.