Hobo 1.1.0.pre4 released

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2011-02-25

Hobo 1.1.0.pre4 has been released into the wild. Most of the differences between 1.1.0.pre3 and 1.1.0.pre4 mirror the changes betwen 1.0.2 and 1.0.3, including the security fix for lifecycles, so it’s highly recommended that you upgrade. Here is the changelog for the entire 1.1 release:

The biggest change to Hobo 1.1 is that DRYML has been split into it’s own gem and may now be used independently of Hobo or Rails:

Dryml.render("<html><%= this %>></html>", {:this => something})

Automatic scopes has gained any_of_:

Person.any_of_friends(Jack, Jill)

The default password validation has been changed to 6 characters, one of which must not be lowercase. Luckily, we also made the password validation easier to change. See Bug #638 for more information.

The input-many, name-one and sortable-collection tags have been updated. See the documentation for more details.

New tags have been added: sortable-input-many, login-form.

Some css class names have been changed. Hobo 1.0 creates class names with the ‘[]’ characters, which is technically illegal, although supported by all browsers. However, this does cause problems with some third party libraries, such as JQuery.

All code changes may viewed on the github log