NIFA Reporting Portal and LMD 4.0: Now Live with Hobo!

Posted by Owen on 2011-02-04

We just stood up in production a centralized portal for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The new portal will provide a common authentication and authorization portal for all major reporting applications for NIFA.  The Portal was created using Hobo and other open-source tools.

You can read more about the NIFA Reporting Portal and the Leadership Management Dashboard (LMD) here:

We are now beginning the process of converting to Hobo 1.3 for Rails 3. Bryan is taking the lead on that.

Thanks much to Tom Locke, Father of Hobo, and all the other key contributors to growth of Hobo in the last two years, including Bryan Larsen, Domizio Demichellis,  and Matt Jones.

Those that contributed to the NIFA Portal and LMD 4.0 Hobo coding include Tom Locke, Bryan Larsen, Marcelo Giorgi, Gustav Paul, Angus Miller, Venka Ashtakala, and Jack Compton.  See my full blog (link above) for a listing of the entire team effort.

BTW,  if you are interested in Agriculture research data and trends–apply for an account.  You will have access to any public data in the system.