Hobo 1.3 for Rails 3 pre-release

Posted by Tom on 2010-09-30

Anyone wanting to have a play with Hobo + Rails 3, now is the moment!

We have started releasing some pre-release gems, so that anyone who wants to can help us find any last bugs so that we can release Hobo 1.3 final. You can install the latest pre-release with

gem install hobo --pre

I’ll take this chance to show off a nice new feature that Domizio has added - the new app wizard.

The hobo command now has the same style as the new rails command in Rails 3, so to create a new app:

hobo new my_app

The underlying rails command will run as always, but then you’ll see something new:

 Hobo Setup Wizard 
  Do you want to start the Setup Wizard now?
(Choose 'no' if you need to manually customize any file before running the Wizard.
You can rerun it at any time with `hobo g setup_wizard` from the application root dir.) [y|n]

(btw it’s actually in colour too, but you’ll have to install the gems to see for yourself!)

Check out some of the customisations you can do with some simple prompts:

     Test Framework 
Do you want to customize the test_framework? [y|n] n

 Invite Only Option 
Do you want to add the features for an invite only website? [y|n] n

 User Resource 
Choose a name for the user resource [<enter>=user|<custom_name>]: 

Do you want to send an activation email to activate the user? [y|n] y

 Front Controller 
Choose a name for the front controller [<enter>=front|<custom_name>]: 

 Admin Subsite 
Do you want to add an admin subsite? [y|n] n
  => "n"

 DB Migration 
Initial Migration: [s]kip, [g]enerate migration file only, generate and [m]igrate [s|g|m]: m

The available Hobo internal locales are :en, :"es-DO", :it (please, contribute to more translations)
Do you want to set a default locale? Type the locale or <enter> to skip: 

 Git Repository 
Do you want to initialize a git repository now? [y|n] n

It’ll even do git init for you - aint that nice : )

There’s a much nicer one in there though - “Do you want to send an activation email to activate the user?”. That’s right, Hobo 1.3 has the much requested email activation built in, so now you just have to type a y instead of an n, and you’re done. Good times!