Hobo 1.0RC2 released

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2009-12-10


If you are on Rails 2.3.5 and are running Hobo as a plugin, please check out bug #574 for a workaround you need to apply to your Rakefile.


This release fixes a couple of serious bugs: 565 and 567.

Input-Many & has-many :through

The <input-many> tag in Rapid has been replaced with a version ported from the <hjq-input-many> tag in Hobo-JQuery. This brings the following enhancements:

  • it supports 0 length associations
  • input-many’s may be nested inside of other input-many’s
  • it allows the (+) and (-) buttons to be customized
  • it provides a default for the item parameter
  • it copies from a template rather than cloning the current item and clearing it
  • the template may be overridden
  • id’s of textareas and selects and other non-input’s are adjusted properly
  • classdata for inner elements updated

The new <input-many> tag differs from <hjq-input-many> in that:

  • it’s written in prototype.js rather than in jquery
  • it doesn’t have the delayed initialization feature
  • the name of the main parameter is default rather than item
  • hjq-input-many allows you to provide javascript callbacks. input-many fires rapid:add, rapid:change and rapid:remove events that can be hooked.

You will have to ensure that your hobo-rapid.js and clean.css files are updated in your application.


There were other minor bugs fixed. See the github log