Hobo 0.8.9 Released

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2009-10-14

Our apologies for not releasing Hobo 0.8.9 earlier. We really should have pushed out a new version as soon as Bug 461 was fixed.

We’ve got some exciting stuff coming, including internationalization support from soey and Spiralis, and auto indexing from Matt Jones. This might slightly destabilize edge for a while – consider yourself warned.

The gems are on gemcutter.org now. gem install gemcutter to access them. Hopefully they’ll appear on Rubyforge soon.


  • [precompile_taglibs](http://groups.google.com/group/hobousers/browse_thread/thread/29694e75f60c0870/6b05f75f2f7e91f5) allows you to precompile taglibs during application startup rather than on demand.
  • `--invite-only` option added to the `hobo` generator.

Major bug fixes:

  • Bug 461: Firefox 3.5 problems were caused by lowpro.  For existing projects, you will have to update your copy of public/javascripts/lowpro.js

  • Bug 477 caused problems when the user submitted a form from the index page.

  • “collection” was renamed to “collection-heading” in the Rapid generated show-page.

  • Bug 473: Hobo now uses any time zone’s configured for the application rather than using the server’s time zone.

Minor bug fixes and enhancements:

See the github log