Hobo 0.8.6 Released!

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2009-05-14

We’re pleased to announce the release of Hobo 0.8.6.

Hobo 0.8.6 includes Rails 2.3 support.  Rails 2.2 support has been maintained.   Rails 2.1 support was dropped in 0.8.5.

Significant effort was put into unit and integration tests in this release.

Some small changes were made to item order and positioning to fix bugs with IE6. This may require updates in custom stylesheets.  The most likely problem is the positioning of <account-nav>.

Previously, the lifecycle transitions had a parameter called :params in the documentation and :update in the code.  The code has been updated to match the documentation.

Support for big_integer in HoboFields has been dropped.  It appears that this has never worked correctly.

<input-many> is now a polymorphic tag and the default tag for <has_many> inputs.

The content parameter has been renamed to description for generated cards.

<input-many> and <sortable-collection> have been improved.

Many tags have had parameters and attributes added to improve customization.

Many bugs have been fixed.  See the lighthouse or the git commit history for more details.

0.8.6 is a release candidate for Hobo 1.0.  At this point we do not believe that there are any outstanding bugs on Hobo that do not have workarounds.   The lighthouse shows the remaining tickets scheduled for 1.0