Support for Rails 2.3

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2009-04-27

Edge Hobo finally includes support for Rails 2.3.  Edge Hobo should continue to be backwards compatible with Rails 2.2.  This support is new, so please help us out by testing it on your application.

You can upgrade your application to use Rails 2.3 very simply:

    sudo gem install rails -v 2.3.2
    sed -i 's/2.2.2/2.3.2/g' config/environment.rb
    rake rails:update

Nested Model Forms ——————

Rails 2.3 adds support for nested model forms.  Hobo has included support for nested model forms for quite some time now.  This has not been removed from Hobo, so you now have two mechanisms for nested model forms:

Hobo style:

    has_many :stories, :accessible => true, :dependent => :destory

Rails 2.3 style:

    has_many :stories, :dependent => :destory
    accepts_nested_attributes_for :tasks, :allow_destroy => true

After Hobo 1.0 is released we may decide to migrate Hobo over to the Rails 2.3 style nested models.  But Hobo 1.0 will support Rails 2.2 and therefore must include its own nested model support.