Hobo 1.0 Nears

Posted by Tom on 2009-04-22

Things may have been quiet on the blog, but those who’ve been following the hobousers google group or keeping an eye on the github commits will know that the Hobo project is just as active as ever. In fact we have a couple of news items for y’all

First up, I’d like to give a big welcome to Bryan Larsen, who is now working on Hobo full time. Bryan made some excellent contributions entirely off his own back, and he happened to come to the end of a previous project at just the right time so we snapped him up. A big thanks too to our good sponsors at Barquin International for helping us to bring Bryan on to the team.

As requested on hobousers, we’re going to start putting out regular updates on the blog about the latest changes to the code; a sort of “This week in Edge Hobo”. Bryan will be helping out with these posts.

And the other little item of news is that we’ve started the push to Hobo 1.0. The feature set is frozen at this point, and we are working our way through bug fixes, improving the test coverage and docs. If you’ve got a pet bug that you want to see fixed in Hobo 1.0, make sure it’s ticketed.

Stay tuned!