New docs and tests on the way

Posted by Tom on 2008-09-11

Now I seem to remember I promised a series of blog posts on the new features in Hobo 0.8. Well, just to continue in the great tradition of this blog, I think I’ll change my mind :o)

It just struck me that writing long blog posts instead of getting on with actually documenting this stuff properly is a bit silly. So instead, I’ve launched into The DRYML Guide, mark 2. This is going to be the definitive guide to DRYML and it will cover the whole language.

I’ve also started the work of moving to test/unit and shoulda. The plan is to move either the tests or the docs forward every day.

To whet you’re appetites, here’s the outline for the new DRYML Guide:

  • What is DRYML?
  • Simple page templates
  • Defining tags - part 1
  • The implicit context
  • Repeated and optional content
  • Defining tags - part 2
  • Attributes
  • Parameters
  • before/after/append/prepend and without
  • nested parameters
  • extending tags and merging params/attributes
  • aliasing tags
  • polymorphic tags
  • wrapping - restore and param-content
  • Variables - set and set-scoped
  • Taglibs
  • Current limitations and other gotchas