Hobo 0.8 Released

Posted by Tom on 2008-09-03

I’ve just tagged v0.8 in the git repo, and released the 0.8 gems on rubyforge.


Expect breaking changes as always (until we get to 1.0 of course), and expect more than normal, because this is a fairly big release.

I’ve created a page on the github wiki to collect advice for upgrading your existing apps. That page will grow over the next few days, but to get you started, here are the main things you definitely need to do.

First, Hobo in general:

Upgrade gem to 1.2 (you don’t have to do this but it’s so much faster)

$ gem update --system

Add the github gem server as a source (so you get will_paginate)

$ gem sources -a http://gems.github.com

Now you can upgrade Hobo

$ gem update hobo

Then, for your app:

You need to run some generators again. Be careful not to overwrite your code! The ‘d’ option to see the differences is useful. You might want (with the user model in particular) to just create a new blank Hobo app with the hobo command and compare the files manually. Run these generators:

  • hobo
  • hobo_rapid
  • hobo_user_model
  • hobo_front_controller

From there, go check out the page on the wiki

I’ll follow-up shortly (heh) with a post about what’s new in 0.8.