Hobo 0.7.5 released

Posted by Tom on 2008-04-18

Hobo 0.7.5 is a fairly small release in terms of new features, but does tidy up a few things and fixes some bugs that were causing people trouble. The bigger news is that there’s a whole bunch of new documentation now available.

To upgrade simply

gem update hobo

or grab the files from github or the svn repo and update your plugin directories.

A highlight of some of the changes.

  • Autocompleters and in-place-editors have been broken for a while. They’re working again now
  • Some incompatibilities with older REXML versions have been addressed. DRYML should now work with REXML versions 3.1.4 to
  • The “permission denied” page should be working again.
  • The Clean theme works much better in IE6 now.
  • We’ve squished a pagination bug that was messing a few people up

There’s a bunch more little changes – see the changelog for the full low-down.

Then on the tidying up side, there are two major changes. First, we’ve moved to gems for the whole of hobo. Installing the hobo gem should get you hobosupport, hobofields and will_paginate. As a result of this the hobo command no longer tries to fetch anything with subversion.

And we’ve made a change to the structure of the git repo. Because Hobo is really one project, with some sub-components available as spin-offs, it is really much better to have the whole thing in a single repo. So github.com/tablatom/hobo now also contains hobosupport and hobofields in sub-directories. The separate repos on github for HoboSupport and HoboFields will be deleted soon. The one downside is that you can no longer follow “edge Hobo” by using git sub-modules, because git doesn’t support partial exports. We’ll provide some rake tasks to make that easier at some point.

And then there’s the docs.

We’ve got the very beginnings of a complete reference to the Rapid tag libraries. At the moment it’s just generated from the source-code but all we need to do now is start adding in-line documentation comments. The format is probably not ideal either - it doesn’t lend itself to easily searching the whole library. We’ll improve that too in time.

The manual has been extended to include a fairly comprehensive guide to customising Hobo’s RESTful model controller.

James has added some great insights into working with DRYML in the third part of the POD tutorial and with some additions to the DRYML guide.

And finally there’s our first HOW-TO: adding an admin sub-site to a Hobo app. We’ve got a bunch more of these planned which should be very useful.

So! We’re making good on our promise to concentrate less on features and more on making Hobo accessible to others. Mind you, having said that, there’s a cracking new feature in the pipeline…