Coming Soon...

Posted by Tom on 2008-02-22

A quick post is in order to let you know why things are so quiet around here. We’re making some changes.

As promised, Hobo is being broken down into smaller sub-projects such as DRYML, the migration generator, the security system etc. etc. You’ll still be able to use Hobo as a whole but people will be able to try out just the bits that interest them much more easily.

As promised, Hobo is going to be properly tested and documented. This is being done at the same time as the break-up into sub-projects. Each sub-project will be released complete with a decent test suite and documentation.

And finally, the current website does a pretty poor job of expressing what the project is all about. We’ll be making some changes there too.

The break-up / test / document work is already well underway, but we’re holding off from any releasing anything until we’re a bit more prepared. The goal is to have our new face ready in time for the Ruby Fools conference in Denmark. That’s 31st March, so you don’t have to hold on for too long. In the mean time there probably won’t be any releases and the blog will be a bit quiet. We haven’t gone anywhere so you can still say hi in the forums and the #hobo channel. A new and much more mature chapter in the Hobo story is just around the corner - please hold tight :-)