Triple Christmas Present

Posted by Tom on 2007-12-23

There is a lot to tell you about. I could blog on and on. In fact I intended to. But you know what, I’m supposed to be on holiday! So, I’ll cut straight to the chase and get off this computer :-)

For your hobo-ing pleasure there are three new goodies today, and I’m finally making good on my “Docs Month” promise (December is docs month!). The more I put time into documenting Hobo the more I realise what a huge task it is to produce in-depth documentation. But the beginnings are in place.

Please see the docs page for:

  • The new Hobo tutorial!
  • The source-code to!

Both, of course, are at an early stage.

And, just in case two christmas presents are not enough, Hobo 0.7.1 is out. Hobo 0.7.1 features the new Clean theme as the default along with hugely improved default pages and much more besides. The out-of-the-box Hobo app with no work at all in the view layer is starting to look really good.

So go gem update hobo or svn up your plugin directory, and don’t forget to read the changelog

Happy Christmas! See you next year.