Hobo 0.7 released

Posted by Tom on 2007-12-03


I said you can pass CSS=y to the rake hobo:fixdryml task to instruct the script to ‘dasherize’ CSS class names. That should have been CLASS=y.

Hobo 0.7 is now available, both as a gem on rubyforge, and in via the repo trunk.

Template tags and non-template tags are now unified. This is really a huge improvement to DRYML. We’ve also switched to dashes instead of underscores for tag and attribute names.

Got any existing DRYML code? It doesn’t work any more. At all :-)

Fortunately, happiness is only a rake task away:

rake hobo:fixdryml

From the changelog:

A rake task hobo:fixdryml has been added which does a pretty good job of converting Hobo 0.6 DRYML source-code to the new style. It will change every file in app/views/*/.dryml, and keeps a backup copy of app/views in app_views_before_fixdryml. If you pass it CLASS=y and ID=y it will ‘dasherize’ css classes and IDs too, which is the new Hobo convention. You can also pass DIR=… if you want to point it somewhere other than app/views. It won’t fix anything in erb scriptlets, e.g. use of the tagbody local variable. Expect to do some manual fixes after running the task (good job you’ve got that thorough test suite eh?)

We’ve switched to Rails 2.0 RC2 for our testing. Be warned - there’s a breaking change in Rails that might absorb some of your time as it did mine. It’s a change to fixtures - the default if you don’t give a value for a created_at or updated_at field, is now Time.now. It used to be nil like any other field.

There’s now only one significant feature that I want to add – fixing themes and CSS – before the push to 1.0 begins.

But before that, next up is beta.hobocentral.net!