December is docs month!

Posted by Tom on 2007-12-01

You believe me, don’t you?

OK, OK – I missed my self imposed deadline. November came and went and you folk are still left perusing the source-code. I checked the “November is docs month” post and I did say “no guarantees” :-) Such is life. I have no idea how November managed to get so busy but it did.

On the whole though, I’d have to say that things are looking pretty darn good for this little project.

Hobo 0.7 is essentially ready – I’ve even written the changelog. This release features the long dreamt of (by me and James at least) unification of template tags and, er, the other kind of tag, you know, the normal ones. There is no um-ing and er-ing any more because now there’s just tags. They’re template-like if that’s what you want, and not if you don’t. It’s really rather nice, and makes DRYML feel pretty much done, baring all the little clean-up jobs and performance enhancements between here and 1.0. That’s a big deal.

I’m fairly confident in saying that, a.k.a. annotated Hobo-app goodness, is going to be out before you know it. I’ll be starting on it first-thing Monday.

And finally, our financial stability seems to have had a bit of a boost with a new client on the scene who are interested in using Hobo for a chunky-sized web-app. I might be able to share more about them at some point.