Update - Even newer DRYML

Posted by Tom on 2007-11-29

The big feature back in Hobo 0.6 was “new DRYML” – A substantial improvement to the mark-up language that introduced the idea of “templates” - tags that can be given multiple, named blocks of content instead of just a single “tagbody”.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, we’re now working on another improvement to DRYML that unifies template tags and “normal” tags, and we’re switching to <tags-with-dashes> while we’re at it.

I’ve got all the DRYML tests passing now, and I’ve written a Rake task that does a pretty good job of automatically updating all your existing DRYML source to the new style. I’ve now got to put this new stuff through the wringer by making sure the test suites of our existing Hobo apps are all still fully green. Then Hobo 0.7 will be released!

I’ll then have my decks clear to move on to beta.hobocentral.net and you’ll finally have some documentation so you can find out what on earth I’m talking about :-). Obviously I’ve not managed to put the time into documentation that I’d hoped to in November, but I’d still like to make good on my promise by getting something out. Looks like the deadline is tomorrow :-). Wish me luck!