Next directions - update

Posted by Tom on 2007-11-22

A few days ago we announced our intention to break Hobo up into various self-contained sub-projects. I just though I’d give you an update on our plans.

The first plan was to get started with the big break-up ASAP. That would obviously push back the documentation I’ve been promising to do. The idea was to provide a reasonable level of documentation for each sub-project as it was released.

Slight change of plan :-)

I’m not in the #hobo channel all that often, but James is, just 2 meters to my left. So I’m well aware that there are a bunch of you that are determined to keep making progress with Hobo with docs or without.

With that in mind, I’ve come around to the idea that getting at least some docs out there for you folk is really the top priority. I think the best way to address this issue quickly is with some example code.

With that goal in mind, we’re announcing a new project today – (don’t go there now, there’s nothing there yet!).

We’re going to build a new version of in Rails + Hobo. It will have the current features: blog, forums, documentation (cough) etc. In time we’ll add a whole host of new features like the long-promised tag library, user-extensible documentation and more. This is going to be an open-source project, and it’s going to serve a dual purpose. As well as getting us a better, the code will be extensively commented and the whole thing will server as a decent real-world example of how to build a Hobo app. The documentation will be implemented by the documentation. It’s all a bit meta-circular, which you gotta love :-)

The point of the domain is that we can whack this app up really soon, and continue using the existing Wordpress based site until the new one cuts the mustard.

There is one small hold-up I’m afraid (groan). We’ve got this little outstanding DRYML issue with CamelCaseTags. From James’ experience trying to explain template tags on #hobo, it’s clear that this needs to be cleaned up right now. So I’m going to work on that first (right now in fact), and then start on

You should see the first cut of go up next week, delivering on my promise to provide some documentation in November!