Hobo 0.6.3 released

Posted by Tom on 2007-11-13

OK finally got it out there. Hobo 0.6.3 is mainly a whole load of small improvements. There are many breaking changes as always. Here’s a quick heads up on some things to watch out for:

  • The page templates in rapid-pages have been improved a lot. If you use them you should study the new templates carefully to see how you need to update your own code.

  • If you were using the multiple-object create/update features in Hobo’s controller, I’m afraid that feature has been deemed lame and is gone.

And a couple of teeny ones:

  • We no longer support the shortcut hobo_user_model :email. You need to explicitly call set_login_attr :email. You should do this after the fields declaration.

  • The css class button_input is now just button, which may mess with your beautiful design a tad.

There’s a ton of other changes but those are my list of “things to mention in the blog post”.

Go get it:

Now I just have one little feature I need to implement and I can get stuck in to the … drum-roll … documentation!