Coming up for air

Posted by Tom on 2007-11-06

The big app we’ve been working on over here is finally calming down. Not finished as such, but close enough that we can start to give some attention to the hundred other things we’ve got on the go, like… Hobo!

The first benefit will be that Hobo 0.6.3 is on it’s way. There are no huge new features, but lots of little touches. In all, over 100 commits since 0.6.2. I’ve just finished the changelog (which took ages!) so hopefully this will make it out of the door tomorrow.

And of course I haven’t forgotten all the docs I’ve been promising. There’s one fairly significant change on it’s way first though - we’ve figured out a way to merge the camel-case <TemplateTags> and <normal_tags> into one kind of tag, with two different styles for calling the tag. It’s going to be a big improvement to the aesthetics of DRYML code. And while we’re on aesthetics, we’ve decided to switch from <tags_with_underscores> to <tags-with-dashes>. Don’t freak out – we’re going to provide a rake task that will update your existing DRYML source automatically. We’ve got enough DRYML code ourselves to make it well worth the effort to write that utility.

Overall you can expect to see a general upturn in activity in the Hobo project over the next month or two. We’ve got some very cool new stuff to add, and Hobo is finally going to get the level of documentation it needs for people to really start to get to grips with it. We might even finally get some themes :-) Exciting times!