Hobo Sightings

Posted by Tom on 2007-06-02

Hi folks, sorry to be a bit quiet of late. Just thought I’d update you with a few bits and bobs from the Hobo world.

There’s been a few interesting sightings of Hobo out there. By now you’ve probably seen Dr Nic’s myconfplan, which uses Hobo. I’ve been meaning to ping some questions over to Dr Nic about the experience of using Hobo in that app, so hopefully that’ll be a blog post soon.

If you’ve paid attention to RailsConf, you may have noticed that a very tiny corner of Hobo – the compact create_table migration syntax – has found it’s way into core Rails. It seems DHH came across the “Sexy Migrations” post on err the blog. Nice!

The guys over at Bugzilla have taken a look at Hobo as one option (of many!) for a new implementation of Bugzilla.

Niko Dittmann will be doing a presentation on Hobo at the German language Rails Konferenz (German language link, here’s the hilarious automatic translation)

Meanwhile I’m hoping to get my proposal accepted for a talk on Hobo at RailsConf Europe.

Behind the scenes things are very busy at Hobo Central. We have a ton of client work on, all of which will be pushing the quality and feature-set of Hobo along in leaps and bounds. And of course, all this professional work puts HoboTech Ltd. on a sound financial footing, so the Hobo project will continue to be very active for the foreseeable future.

Good times!