Focussing on documentation

Posted by Tom on 2007-05-03

The forums are getting really busy, which is a great sign that Hobo is starting to gain some mind-share. It’s so busy that it’s getting harder for me to keep up. If you look at a few posts, it quickly becomes clear that the main issue is lack of documentation. There’s an obvious conclusion here - writing docs is a better way for me to help you all than answering lots of individual questions.

Up until now I’ve had a kind of “no unanswered questions” attitude to the forum, but I don’t think it’s sensible to carry on like that. I’ve set aside a chunk of time each day to keep the Hobo community ticking along, and for now I’m going to try and focus a bit more on documentation and a bit less on the forums.

I’ll still follow the forums closely of course, and reply to the more challenging questions and bug reports, so you’ll still see lots of posts from me. Those of you that have dived into the source and learnt Hobo the hard way – it would be great if you could help out in the forums with some of the more basic questions.