Hobo 0.5.3 - dev mode gets a big speed boost

Posted by Tom on 2007-04-30

A quick release this time – not too many changes. The reason is, I wanted to quickly get a couple of important changes to you.

The first is a fix to a trivial but annoying bug that sneaked into 0.5.2. The <show> tag was playing up so that certain “magic-updates” after in-place-edits were not working, and worse, belongs_to and has_many associations were not displayed at all by <show>. People were hitting this as soon as they tried the screencast for themselves. Not good.

The second thing is more fun. Development mode just got a whole lot faster. Like Rails, in development mode DRYML reloads every taglib on every request. Because of dependencies, we even reload taglibs that haven’t changed. Avoiding these reloads is actually pretty hard, but we’ve at least made the reload much faster by caching the generated ERB source.

This improvement was implemented by James – the new guy at HoboTech, so many thanks to James.

There’s a couple of smaller changes too, including stuff that you kind folk have reported in the forums. Check the changelog for details.